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eBay Trading Assistants


The eBay Entrepreneur Book
Christopher Matthew Spencer

Consignment riches on eBay! I did it and so can you. No investment because you sell other people's merchandise for a commission. Read on...

"I think that competition is a good thing. Competition in any industry fosters innovation, great service and helps with overall customer awareness in any industry. You may have noticed that many times a McDonalds will open up right across the street from a Burger King or a Chevron will be next to a Mobil. When this happens, customers have choices, customer service levels increase and there is a synergy that develops where the competing businesses actually do better.

I feel the same way about the Trading Assistant industry. This is a relatively new industry segment and I encourage entrepreneurs to consider starting their very own Trading Assistant business. Whether you want to help your local church raise money or start a physical eBay drop-off location, my book The eBay Entrepreneur will guide you through every single step needed to run a successful home-based or store-based eBay Trading Assistant enterprise."

Christopher Matthew Spencer, Author
The eBay Entrepreneur

You too can take charge of your personal finances and make great money in this lucrative and exciting field.

As a smart, motivated person, you can make incredible lifestyle-improving changes. This is your chance to uncover the surefire step-by-step strategies for starting your very own eBay Trading Assistant business or eBay drop-off store without the additional cost of franchising. "The eBay Entrepreneur" will help you:

  • Reach a level of personal financial freedom that you have always wanted
  • Create a steady cashflow in just a few hours a day
  • Get the respect from family, friends and your community that you have always wanted and deserved
  • Apply "secret" techniques that you can use for any business
  • Find an unlimited source of high-quality products to sell online
  • Learn money-making ideas from an expert with over eight years of actual eBay selling experience with millions of dollars worth of items sold
  • Tap into the online marketplace to find millions of eager buyers who want to purchase what you are selling
  • Earn an extra $1000, $5000 or even $10000 each month online!

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"I've watched Christopher succeed where so many others have failed because his eBay Trading Assistant business has truly flourished. No magic beans to success here, just solid information honed and perfected through his years of experience selling on eBay. Anyone considering starting a Trading Assistant business will do themselves a tremendous favor by reading this book."

Marsha Collier, Author
eBay for Dummies Book Series